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The Abyss Movie Diorama Site
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The Abyss diorama is inspired by the wonderful movie "The Abyss" and based on details from the Expanded Edition DVD.

Why? As an engineer, I have always been fascinated by the construction of underwater bases and cities, and The Abyss inspired me with many scientific based ideas. None of the technology was too far from reality, and in fact the underwater drilling rig was based on offshore oil rigs, very similar in technology to the multitude of manufacturing plants I have done engineering design for.

The Expanded Edition DVD goes into technical detail of the movie that only an engineer or technical aficianado could appreciate. With that level of detail in hand, I am ready to recreate the underwater realm of the Abyss!

Modeling Details: Most likely I will model everything in 1:48, which is the same scale as the O Gauge model railroad above the diorama. This also allows me to fit more of the diorama in less space, and since everything is from scratch, there are no constraints on the design. I may try to meld it in with the O gauge layout world above, sort of a secret underwater base beneath the sea perhaps....



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