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Home Theater


There is some debate as to the name of our new theater, but at this stage in construction I guess it isn't crucial yet!

This webpage will catalog our progress of converting this flowery finished basement room in our new house into a proper home theater with all the trimmings.

Based on the excellent resources at the AVS Forum site and other sources, I will be converting this room in my spare time between spending time with family and our new baby and making changes to the rest of the house (A Priority! by the management)

Here is how the room looked before we moved in:

And now that we have all the components in place, here is the initial look:

I decided to put the screen against the far wall for several reasons. By the previous owners setup, people walked into the room and crossed in front of the screen to reach the seating. Also, my master plan is to go with the home theater standard of hiding equipment away in an equipment closet, and I wanted to keep all the functional pieces outside of the theater, just like a real theater where all the electronics and films are kept in a separate projector room. The ultimate goal is to have a clean front with the RPTV (Rear Projection TV) masked to look like a regular movie screen.

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