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Construction Photos

I started with my first coat of "British Racing Green. Already the room is too dark for photography.

Gotta get this wallpaper border out and soon!

Picked out my wall sconces with some Lowes credit for a nice sophisticated look. Hopefully it will be bright enough combined with the rope lighting.

Finally wallpaper gone, 2nd coat of paint on the wall. Click for larger pic....

Back wall of the theater. Click for larger pic....

Looking towards the screen. Haven't decided how to finish equip closet area. Click for larger pic....

RPTV in place with speakers. Considering mounting this curtain above to frame screen better. Click for larger pic....

Next working weekend - got the outlet in for the rope lighting and ceiling painting mostly done

And framed a soffit to square off the theater. This creates a rectangular theater with a separate equipment and media storage area

Heres the other end where the new door will eventually go.

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