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North East Coast System

Here are some pictures from the video captures of the layout taken in December 2001. You can see some of the new updates, major changes, and major destructions of things I didn't like!

This will test your imagination ability, since I will describe scenes as they "will look" someday. By the way, please ignore crooked L girders and such, as this is a practice layout. The next one will be much more professionally done!

An overview of the entire layout, as it stands today. Like an creeping ivy, it grows over the basement day by day...

A view of the new "City" benchwork just added recently, and the bookshelves and unfinished parts of the basement

I haven't scoped this out, but I picture many high rises and buildings, till I realize how much space I have!

Here is an overview shot including the mountain level logging camp, the ridge level passenger rails, and ground level rails.

Here is my new MTH New Haven Rectifier at the "Station"

This track will descend into Grand Central Terminal, similar to prototype

This will be the logging camp section, which is planned to include a log flume.

Here is the view from a bridge I scratchbuilt. Bridge turned out OK I guess, but it took me more than 4 weekends to do it! Amazing how time flies....

A good sign of a layout under progress is a scene completely out of place. Why must he change his tire here?