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North East Coast System

Welcome, welcome to my new website, currently under major construction.

Start from Scratch

Well, like many systems, time for rebuilding comes. Following is my original site with original railroad. As to the new railroad, here is its current status:

More to Come!!!

What's New on this Website?

New Layout Plans and Descriptions...


The beginning.....I'm past this now

In time, I will show you my current layout construction, a "Practice Layout", and my grandiose future plans to attempt to model the railroad and industrial system of 1920s-1950s North East America, spanning from Boston, Mass to New York City to Pennsylvania and West Virginia. I will be modeling in the style of "prototype influenced", so please allow for any historical errors or rules I need to bend. I know for example already that I will need to bend history to allow all Boston trains to go into South Station, since I have no interest in building North Station!


Here are some video clips from the videos I took of the layout under construction. You will have to use your imagination to see the scenery for awhile longer...

To keep Tripod from picketing my overbandwidth use, I will post one or two links to video clips every day or so, so you all can enjoy them.

Kids, this is the fun of railroading! Get some wood, some screws, your trains and your parents and you can do it too!


  • On Hold


    NEW Pictures page from recent videos!

    Equipment Roster by Railroad Company

    Industries Served by the Railroad (Under Construction)


    In my planning for my ultimate dream layout, I have put together some prototype pictures from the web that may inspire you also.

    South Station, Boston MA

    New York Waterfront and RailMarine operations