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Construction Photos

Here is the "Screen Wall" with components in place

Here is the "Grand Entrance" down to the theater. This furniture piece, while very cool, may not fit when I add a door.

Here is a closeup of the equipment area, and also the flowery wall paper that seems to infest our whole house!

Here is a view looking back from the screen wall, into the audio/video storage racks, seating and stairs back up out of the "Empire"

Sept 22, 2002 - Started my first major task, painting the ceiling a flat Midnight Blue. Painting a textured ceiling is a MILLION times harder than I thought.

One pint of paint only got me this far. I have started destroying the wallpaper border here also.

This view shows the major color difference between before and after. When I looked I got the standard panic of someone painting a room dark. It will definitely look smaller now!

Here is a view into the rest of the basement, which makes the theater look like its orderly and neat!

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